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Hornu - Belgique , Site du Grand-Hornu , 21 settembre 2014 – 4 gennaio 2015

Against the backdrop of a whole year dedicated to the theme of heritage, Grand-Hornu Images is organising an exhibition about the descendents of accomplished designers. 

How do the children or grand children of figures such as Carlo Scarpa, Maarten and Dan Van Severen, Rik and José Vermeersch, Gijs Bakker and Emmy van Leersum deal with this inheritance? With a sense of preservation? With a sense of paradox? With a sense of opposition? With a sense of adaptation? What strategies do they employ on the basis of their line of descent and their family sources of inspiration? Without providing definitive answers to these complex questions, Le labo des héritiers looks at the individual work done by the heirs of these renowned designers, architects and artists.